Automate Complex Analysis & Decisions

from overloaded to done, instantly.

We are a data consultancy focused on B2B supply chain and manufacturing companies. We provide data analysis & reporting, machine learning model development, and other advanced data services.

What We Do

We help B2B supply chain and manufacturing firms access and use their data to augment and automate their decision making.

Augmented decision making is using data, analysis, and suggested decisions to help you and the firm arrive at data-backed decisions faster and with less risk or error.

Automated decision making is pushing those decisions that are low risk, or easily automated, out of your mind so they run on autopilot behind the scenes.

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Reporting

  • Data Pipeline

  • Data Automation

  • Forecasting

  • Regression

  • Classification

  • Segmentation

  • Prediction

  • Deep Learning

  • Model Deployment

  • Application Development

Why Us?

Members of our team have spent over a decade operating large supply chain companies in the US, Mexico, and China. We understand the supply chain business as well as the intricacies of data and AI.

Contact Us

We'd be happy to discuss any current or planned projects and help in any way possible.

Data Analysis & Reporting

We can take available data from various locations within your company, and created an analytics programs based on the desired metrics, insights, and key trends you want to see.

In some cases the data is not available, and we create non-intrusive ways of gathering it as individuals go about their normal operations and tasks.

We then create reports that are emailed to various personnel on a daily/weekly/monthly basis containing a breakdown of what they need to know. We also can tailor each person's email to what they want or need to follow.

Model Development & Deployment

We build out various machine learning and analytics models and deploy them in order to assist in monitoring, alerting, predicting, and optimizing your company.

Whether you are looking for automated demand planning, predictive forecasts, or inventory optimization, we can build a model that is tailored to you, your data, and your needs.

Application Development

Often a firm will desire to use their models and incorporate them into a full application with ability for workings to interact, use, analyze, and other functionality. We have the ability to create full scale enterprise web applications for these needs. Whether you are looking for no code, low code, or fully coded customizations, we can assist you in building a streamlined operation.